I marry art and weaving in magical, colourful and unique ways.

Art and nature are, for me, the warp and weft of life. As an environmentalist it is no surprise that my art expresses natures elements of earth, fire, air and water. As a human the gender elements of life are also expressed through the structure of my work.

The warp, masculine yang world, is formed through the containing straight lines, the unmovable hold of the canvas. Plain, cut, sliced, mostly in straight lines but sometimes wavy ones as a gesture towards the curve of the feminine. The weft, yin female world, is experienced within the pictures woven through the incisions. The visual images embrace elemental expression, with their colour, shape and depth. Mother Nature holds sway in the landscapes and the feminine mystery flows in the sometimes unfathomable images.

The images are created with paper, squiggles of paint straight from the paint tubes and a rolling pin. The results are colourful, iridescent, paint filled sheets of paper.

They’re cut and sewn into strips, then woven in and out of pre-stretched, cut canvas. As they weave, they hide behind some of the canvas, which in turn, frames small pictures into existence.

The painted paper can become like glimmering jewels or, form into perfect micro and mini abstract paintings or beautiful and sometimes surreal landscapes. The iridescent paint often makes them change with the light or where you stand to view them.

Why do I do what I do? I enjoy a persistent nudge to do it. Ignoring the nudge for even a few days generates a disquiet in me that can only be soothed by going back into the studio again. Sometimes just prep and varnish is enough and sometimes, when creating the weaving paper and subsequently framing the pictures I have the great pleasure of being touched by grace.

Look at them carefully. Hopefully enjoy them – ask me anything.